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  • Theme Minimalist Pro doesn’t work on macBook, when I activate the theme, it only shows HTML tags and styles, what solves this?

  • Hi, It seems it defaults to 10 posts on my hompage? However I’d like to increase the pagination to 20 posts – where do I find that option? Thanks.

    • Hello,

      I am sorry to say that this option is currently not available in this theme.
      We will make sure to add this feature in future updates.


  • hello, I just bought this and i have several issues, I have filled 3 requests for support because i keep finding issues but still no answer, i know i am a bit impatient but i have not received an email confirming submission, have you received my contact form submissions?

    1. the footer does not sticky to the bottom, i dont know if this is a bug or its how it is supposed to be
    2. if i choose the infinite scroll option, the spinner keeps spinning forever even though there are no more items to load
    3.I create only one menu, it shows ok on desktop but on mobile it shows both the desktop version and the mobile(hamburger version)
    4.when in dark mode, the mobile menu still displays in light mode so the menu is not visible since fonts are white as well
    5. how can i make dark mode default?

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