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How to make money with WordPress

How to make money with WordPress

Many people wants to make money online. Although there are many ways to make money online, the most popular way is to make money through WordPress. Whether you want to make some serious money or just some extra bucks, WordPress is the best way since it provides various alternatives and opportunities.

Create new blog

There are a couple of ways to make money by creating blogs in WordPress. You can create a blog about something you like and make money by running ads, affiliate marketing or by both on your blog. The most popular advertisement platform for publishers is Google AdSense but there are many alternatives as well. Affiliate marketing it mostly depends on the type of your blog.

Another way is to create blog for your clients. If you don’t have much local clients there are many online platforms as well where you can find clients. The most popular platforms are,, etc. Although It may not be very easy to find client initially but once you set up your profile bye by creating some blogs for your clients it will be easier to find new clients on these online platforms.

Sell products online through WordPress

If you have physical products or digital products you can sell them on your WordPress website easily. If you are a writer you can write books, if you are a teacher you can write membership courses or video lessons, if you have any specific skill you can write about, write a book or online course about it and sell them on your website.

Woocommerce is a widely popular and well coded WordPress plugin which is created to sell physical or digital products. If you like to sell just digital products, Easy Digital Downloads is also one of the most popular plugin in this category.

Build websites for your clients

If you have basic understanding of WordPress themes and plugins, you can make money by developing website for your clients and you don’t even need coding experience for that. There are many premium themes that provides wide flexibilities, many demo contents with page builders which can help you to create website for your client’s much easier.

If you like to build websites for free there is free themes and page builders as well. The most popular free WordPress themes are Oceanwp, Astra, Hestia etc. And the most popular free WordPress page builder plugins are Elementor, Page builder by site origin, KingComposer etc.

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Develop WordPress themes and plugins

If you have coding experience, you can easily make money by developing WordPress themes and plugins and selling them in marketplaces like, Themeforest etc. You can also sell them from your own website and drive traffic from by giving a free version in the repository.

Fix bugs for client’s website

When someone have bugs or issues on their websites and if they do not have coding experience they hires a developer to fix their issues. Online freelancing sites like,, etc is the  best platform to find clients who have bugs to fix on their websites.

In the end I want to tell you that whatever job you like to do, do it professionally and stick with it. The starting can be a little hard but once you find the path it will be easier over time.

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