Demo Content Installation

Before you import the demo data make sure you have installed and activated the recommended plugins.

To import the demo contents first you need to download the demo data. Click here to download the demo data and follow the steps below.

  • Click on Tools -> Import
  • On the Import page, under WordPress click Install Now.
  • Click on Run Importer.
  • Upload the file you have downloaded and click “Upload file and import”

After the installation is completed, you need to set the menu. To load the menu, goto Appearance->Menus. Here on Menu Settings on display locations, check Header Menu and Mobile Menu.

You can also import the footer widgets. To do that click here to download the widget file. After that install and activate “Widget Importer & Exporter” plugin and goto Tools -> Widget Importer & Exporter. There upload the file you have downloaded and click Import Widgets. This should import the footer wigets in your theme.

You can deactivate and remove the plugin after you import the widgets.

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